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Each Down Under Collective can has been specifically designed with one of our three outstanding charities in mind. Our purpose-driven approach draws our core values quite literally to the front and centre of our business, offering you a window into the charitable causes each can supports. 

Frank Water

The Explorer will proudly support Frank Water,  helping to provide clean water and adequate sanitation for thousands across neglected communities in India and Nepal.

The Global WASH Crisis, seeing 663 million people in the world without safe water and 2.5 billion with poor sanitation, has devastated communities ‘left behind’ by society. Frank Water tackle the crisis head-on, working on projects involving 100% of every community with a particular focus on the role of women and girls, and others marginalised.

Bees For Development

The Advocate will proudly support Bees for Development, helping to provide reliable, sustainable incomes amongst the world’s poorest communities through beekeeping.

Beekeeping helps both the environment and communities by maintaining biodiversity and generating income whilst being self-sustainable. Bees for Development deliver practical community-based projects to share beekeeping skills and build resilient livelihoods.


Tree Aid

The Activist will proudly support Tree Aid, helping communities hardest hit by the effects of the climate crisis to grow themselves out of poverty. 

Across the drylands of Africa, over 300 million lives are devastated by the reduction in fertile land and the climate crisis. Working with local communities, Tree Aid’s projects ensure trees thrive so they can provide nutritious food and incomes today, and look after the environment for the future.

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