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Our journey began with a desire to introduce the UK to our favourite drinks from down under whilst helping to make real change. Amidst the pandemic, we set out to create drinkable (and sinkable) purpose-driven bevs by sustainably combining handcrafted spirits with real fruits (without additives and all that yuk stuff!).


After months of development, including many (failed) attempts at recipe creation and graphic design, we sought the help of our incredible partners at Rare Design, Lovely Drinks and Still Sisters. Together we've crafted three delicious cans committed to three vital causes. We have chosen three phenomenal charities striving to improve lives and environments globally - check out Our Mission to find out more.

Whilst the drinks industry is currently our focus, we have been inspired by the idea of enjoying what's good whilst protecting what's good. We see Down Under Collective representing more than just a beverage brand, but a collective contribution to causes our drinkers understand and support. By joining our movement, you help to drive the global development of social awareness and action, weaving social progress into the fabric of our everyday lives.

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